BESX_express_5.0.2.exe download problem!


Just venting.

This is the third f@#$ing time i’ve tried to download the Blackberry Enterprise Server Express 5.0.2 from the dog slow blackberry site.


Get an iPhone they just work. If you don’t like iPhones, get an Android phone they are heaps better than Blackberries. If you don’t like Android phones or iPhones, get a windows mobile phone… and if you don’t like them either, get a Nokia.

Check this screen shot.

Blackberry can go get f!@$ed!

The server just stops working for no reason every now and then. The error messages are so vague. The solutions are so long winded they might as well say “If you have a problem with your BES server, try just doing everything you can possibly do to fix it”.

Anyone else hate blackberries?

If you stumbled across this link hoping to find a way to download the BESX_express_5.0.2.exe file in a reasonable time frame (ie not 4-5 hours) then sorry to have wasted your time. BUT I will maybe save you a-lot of heart ache. CHECK THIS PIC! FFS AT 99%… THIS IS A F!@#ING JOKE!

Please share your frustrations. Would also love to hear from someone who has nothing but shiny gold emotions falling from blackberries arse.

3 Responses to “BESX_express_5.0.2.exe download problem!”

  • NeETzY:

    stumbled across this post whilst looking for the problem to the blackberry sp2 update…any idea if anyone hosting this upgrade file by any chance?

  • Izzy:

    Hi NeETzY. Did you have exactly the same problem? Dog slow, then fail at 99%???


  • Bob Jones:

    Same here. Been trying to download sp2 all day! It’s dog slow and keeps failing shortly before 100%. Time to move to Androids.

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