Facebook DNS Block Fix

Hi All,

If you have Facebook blocked at work, it could just be a simple cheap DNS block, where the administrator has replaced the DNS entry for facebook.com on your local DNS server.

Unfortunately, changing the DNS server that your local machine uses, may not always be the easiest way around it, as the local DNS server might have entries that are required for local access to intranet etc to work.

Below is a host file modification that will override the modified DNS server, and allow facebook to work:

#Valid 22/06/10
#START COPY localhost
# FACEBOOK facebook.com www.facebook.com login.facebook.com register.facebook.com en-gb.facebook.com es-la.facebook.com pt-br.facebook.com fr-fr.facebook.com de-de.facebook.com it-it.facebook.com ar-ar.facebook.com hi-in.facebook.com zh-cn.facebook.com developer.facebook.com developers.facebook.com apps.facebook.com www-college.facebook.com platform.ak.facebook.com creative.ak.facebook.com new.facebook.com tr-tr.facebook.com es-es.facebook.com el-gr.facebook.com sv-se.facebook.com da-dk.facebook.com zh-hk.facebook.com zh-tw.facebook.com fi-fi.facebook.com hs.facebook.com id-id.facebook.com ru-ru.facebook.com hr-hr.facebook.com m.facebook.com nl-nl.facebook.com nb-no.facebook.com ja-jp.facebook.com ko-kr.facebook.com ms-my.facebook.com sl-si.facebook.com connect.facebook.com cs-cz.facebook.com pl-pl.facebook.com secure.facebook.com iphone.facebook.com blog.facebook.com 0.channel24.facebook.com s-static.ak.facebook.com creativeupload.facebook.com creativeupload-sf2p.facebook.com upload.facebook.com

*** Re-made to allow live up date on page refresh. Please go to http://www.armabloggin.com/facehost.php

Click Start/Run then type in “notepad c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts” (without the quotes) and press enter.

Copy and paste the above text between the start copy and end copy lines into the notepad file, and save.

Let me know if you have any problems with the above, and I might be able to fix them. Also if you want, I could make a myspace/youtube/or whatever else they may have blocked one for you by request.


56 Responses to “Facebook DNS Block Fix”

  • Izzy:

    Due to the way DNS works, there is the possibility for the above to stop working at some point. If you have any issues, just let me know, and I can fix it.

  • Jez:

    I can’t upload pictures with this setup? Anyone else having the same issue?

  • Izzy:

    Jez I’ve updated the above with a modification to the upload.facebook.com dns entry.

    The old one must have had an incorrect IP address, as it wouldn’t let you upload photos.

    Let me know if any other issues.


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  • takis:

    please help!hi i want to trace facebooks real ip how can i do that i ll be happy if you help me thanks

  • bob:

    Any tips for Mac please

  • Izzy:

    Hi Bob,

    For info on adding hosts to Mac check out this link: http://support.apple.com/kb/TA27291

    I am not very familiar with Mac, but looks like it’s very similar to Linux in that you just need to edit the host file in the /etc directory.

    Let me know if you have any luck with the above.



  • Izzy:

    Hi Takis,

    If you have Facebook DNS blocked, but you don’t have: http://dns-tools.domaintools.com/ blocked, then you can go there to resolve facebook.com according to their name server.

    As they won’t have facebook blocked, you will get the current real IP.

    To use their website, just type the host you want resolved into the Tools text box on the right, select ping, and click go.

    You will see the results of a ping test, which will show you the resolved IP address.


    Host IP Address Ping Time
    1. facebook.com 19.56ms
    2. facebook.com 19.85ms
    3. facebook.com 19.47ms
    4. facebook.com 19.91ms
    5. facebook.com 19.97ms
    6. facebook.com 19.85ms
    7. facebook.com 19.43ms

    Now I will update my list above to suit the new IP ;)

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  • bluezer:

    thankz,, it’s work,,
    unblocked youtube please????

  • Izzy:

    Hey bluezer,

    I rekon I’ll be able to nut that one out for you… give me a bit though, and I will post it once i’ve worked out all the IPs and potential dns entries.



  • Izzy:

    Hey bluezer,

    Had a bit of a look around.. should be pretty straight forward for unblocking a youtube DNS block, as there seem to be only 2 entries that are necessary. http://www.youtube.com youtube.com

    Let me know how it goes.


  • Izzy:

    If someone can tell me how to stop that auto link making above where it has http://www.youtube.com with the http:// in front of it, that would be appreciated.

    bluezer keep that in mind when you add that to the hosts file. It’s not supposed to have http:// in front of it.



  • hey i am putting and when i put my name and passport it wont work what shall i do

  • Izzy:

    Hi Farah,

    Does everything else work?

    Change the IP to

    I will update the info above.

    I only checked this one entry, it is possible more has changed, so let me know if any more issues.



  • farah:

    hey lzzy,

    gain same problem

  • bluezer:

    hi izzy,,
    i ussually use http://kwang.blogdns.com/webproxy in front of youtube link,, but it doesnt work so well,, the video streaming can’t play,,,

  • bluezer:

    sorry izzy,,,
    what should i do about this http://www.youtube.com youtube.com

  • TM:

    hi Izzy

    I can not upload picture. What should i do now?

  • Sindy:

    HI. I’ve copy and paste the whole entire entry to the notepad but it still wouldn’t work. please help! please type the whole entry down for me.. thank you very much. your help is much appreciated.

  • tokaut:

    Hi izzy,

    Everytime i get http://block.opendns.com/?url=888888159080868586677015688078&ablock, while trying to access http://www.youtube.com
    Is anyway to bypass this OpenDNS?

  • Winna Pham:

    Since I’m in Vietnam, I’m using an older version of microsoft. It doesn’t have the type in search section! How would I get to the notepad?

  • Izzy:

    Hey Mate,

    Do you have Start->Run? Just type in there.

    Alternatively you can get into the command prompt and type it? Or you can use edit from within a command prompt if it is Win95/98?

    You can probably even find notepad through the Start button under All Programs->Accessories.

  • Izzy:

    I think I have to update the list to include the new IP addresses. I am currently working on some code to automatically update it each time you refresh.

    This will apply to the pictures issue also.

  • Izzy:

    This could be a tricky one…

    Try setting your DNS to in your network properties…

    It probably won’t work because your ISP has some sort of port forward setup, but see how you go.

    Maybe there is a way to use a DNS server with a different port… I will investigate and let you know if I find anything.

    If I’ve led you down the right path, please post back with your results!


  • zee:

    i cannot access to fb since today at 7pm.. VN time… it was ok before and now keep on popping Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error.

  • Jo:

    Hi, Lizzy! Any suggestions to getting onto Facebook in Vietnam?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi!

    Can somebody give me an instruction how i can unlock facebook?
    I am not good in IT! So please can somebody help me.

    I live in Vietnam. And until now i could use it with open DNS. i just had to change the DNS but now it is not working anymore.


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  • Izzy:

    Hi All!

    As mentioned above in the block quote I have made a php script that automatically grabs the correct IPs for a facebook host file each time you refresh the page.

    This should save you waiting for me to update it every once in a while that it changes.

    Let me know how you go.



  • Sorry, these are the websites that I want to have access to


    But I do not have authority (i am not the administrator) to modify the folder c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

  • Izzy:

    Hi Jimmy,

    It is going to be extremely difficult to unblock these sites without administrative access to your machine unfortunately. What is your situation? Is this at a workplace or uni/school or something? Are you even able to install third party software on the machine?


  • Izzy:

    You need to add these to your host file as well, and it should give you access to those sites providing it is just blocked via dns.

  • Yes it is for my PC at work, and no I am not able to install third party software. So, I take it that without the administrative access, I will not be able to unblock these sites, correct?

  • Truong:

    Hi Izzy,

    I am currently in Hue, Vietnam. I am having trouble accessing Facebook, which I greatly require since I teach English over here. All my contacts and advisers are on FB , and proxy sites will not work. How can I fix this so that I can access FB, free?

    If possible, can you type out the command I would need to use.

    My system is WINDOWS VISTA.

    Please let me know, ASAP.

  • Lan:

    Iam having a problem with saving the hosts file. It won’t let me replace the hosts file in etc. It said it “cannot create the c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file. Make sure that the path and file name are correct”
    Any idea?
    Thanks guys!!

  • Denis:

    hi thanx for this it realy wprks well but i cant chat with oline friends and also i cant upload photos

  • Izzy:

    Hi Denis,

    I had a look at the DNS entries again, and found a whole range of new ones which I will add.

    They look like this: 0.38.channel.facebook.com.

    If anyone knows how to add a wildcard to the hosts file that would be great… something like *.38.channel.facebook.com

    Will update the list shortly, and hopefully this will fix the upload and chat…

  • Denis:

    hi thanx. i can upload photos now but i cant chat with my friend. is there any help

  • josh:

    plss unblock zynga poker on facebook..

  • Denis:

    i have a machine that i dont have admin rights. how can i access facebook on it

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  • Dozza:

    Hi guys… All sounds rather technical.. I live in Ho Chi Minh and have been able to access FB for the passed year or so by using an alternative DNS. This DNS does not work now and I have tried the ; address which still doesnt work!

    Does anybody have an idiots guide to getting FB up and running for me again??

    Thanks – and happy new year!


  • Mikasa:

    When I input my login details and click the login button it always redirects me back again to the login page. What’s going on?

  • Really helpful post.I may try your DNS technique when my subscription runs out.I first started using a proxy when I traveled to Vietnam and have been using it since because it worked so well.

  • DM:

    Hello, I cannot access my facebook because it keeps saying that my internet is not connected. But only for the facebook site. So I heard that it was because of the DNS problem.

    I followed your steps and pasted everything in the notepad… but Im afraid I have no Idea what steps to do after that? Can you please give me a detailed instruction?

    Thanks so much!

  • leon:

    i tried the above..now i cant get my travelblog photos to upload at all!
    how do i reset the host note pad back to original settings….please help asap.

  • Izzy:

    Hi Leon,

    Should be able to just delete all the entries you pasted in.

    Off the top of my head the only entry by default is: localhost

    Hope that helps.

  • Izzy:

    After that you should be good to go.

    It is possible whoever has blocked facebook using other means like a proxy server etc. So it may not work at all :(

  • gravito:

    we want chat….plz :(

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