Facebook DNS Block Fix

Hi All,

If you have Facebook blocked at work, it could just be a simple cheap DNS block, where the administrator has replaced the DNS entry for facebook.com on your local DNS server.

Unfortunately, changing the DNS server that your local machine uses, may not always be the easiest way around it, as the local DNS server might have entries that are required for local access to intranet etc to work.

Below is a host file modification that will override the modified DNS server, and allow facebook to work:

#Valid 22/06/10
#START COPY localhost
# FACEBOOK facebook.com www.facebook.com login.facebook.com register.facebook.com en-gb.facebook.com es-la.facebook.com pt-br.facebook.com fr-fr.facebook.com de-de.facebook.com it-it.facebook.com ar-ar.facebook.com hi-in.facebook.com zh-cn.facebook.com developer.facebook.com developers.facebook.com apps.facebook.com www-college.facebook.com platform.ak.facebook.com creative.ak.facebook.com new.facebook.com tr-tr.facebook.com es-es.facebook.com el-gr.facebook.com sv-se.facebook.com da-dk.facebook.com zh-hk.facebook.com zh-tw.facebook.com fi-fi.facebook.com hs.facebook.com id-id.facebook.com ru-ru.facebook.com hr-hr.facebook.com m.facebook.com nl-nl.facebook.com nb-no.facebook.com ja-jp.facebook.com ko-kr.facebook.com ms-my.facebook.com sl-si.facebook.com connect.facebook.com cs-cz.facebook.com pl-pl.facebook.com secure.facebook.com iphone.facebook.com blog.facebook.com 0.channel24.facebook.com s-static.ak.facebook.com creativeupload.facebook.com creativeupload-sf2p.facebook.com upload.facebook.com

*** Re-made to allow live up date on page refresh. Please go to http://www.armabloggin.com/facehost.php

Click Start/Run then type in “notepad c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts” (without the quotes) and press enter.

Copy and paste the above text between the start copy and end copy lines into the notepad file, and save.

Let me know if you have any problems with the above, and I might be able to fix them. Also if you want, I could make a myspace/youtube/or whatever else they may have blocked one for you by request.


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