Could not start the user profile service service

I received the following message:

“Could not start the user profile service service”

In the system tray once logged in to the administrator user on windows sbs 2008.

When logging in as a non-administrator, I got the message:

“Please Wait For The User Profile Service”

Displayed for quite some time, before being able to see a black desktop with blank profile.

To fix it, after spending ages looking, I did the following:

Right click command prompt and run as administrator.

winsock reset

Then I rebooted the server as required, and the issue went away.

The issue occurred after performing windows updates, I am not sure which one kicked it off.

Hope this saves you some time!

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  • Had the same issue today. A second reboot after installing Windows updates fixed it here. Thanks for posting.

  • I’ve got a similar issue. When i try logon to the server with the Ent Admin account it never gets past “Please wait for User Profile Service” I’ve let it sit for 12 hours and it’s still there. I dont know how to fix this issue!!! Any ideas??

  • Izzy:

    I’ve had similar issues after disabling ipv6 recently. I believe a patch has done something in the last month. Try reenable if you can get in somehow.

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